Data + Application Services + Sync= “It’s Still All Data” (the new again-expanded Data Developer Center)

Last November, at the start of the 2009 PDC, we launched an expanded Data Developer Center that incorporated XML and SQL Server Modeling (formerly “Oslo”) technologies. It was a challenge to create a site structure that could accommodate eight or more distinct technologies under one roof, but it seemed to work well and allowed space… Read more

Data Development Bonus Track – Devconnections Fall 2007

  There’s a new Bonus Track at at DevConnections this Fall! Come and check out sessions in the new Data Access Bonus track to learn more about the many new, and not so new, Microsoft products providing developers with a more positive and efficient experience developing data-aware applications regardless of the technology that you choose as the basis… Read more

Data Technologies at Mix ’07

    There has been a lot of recent coverage on the participation of data technologies at Mix 07 and the announcements that we, the Data Programmability team at Microsoft, made regarding two new incubation projects that we are working on.   So, if you didn’t get a chance to attend Mix, or just didn’t… Read more

Microsoft’s Data Access Strategy

Over the last 12 months, Microsoft has been talking a lot about two major innovations related to representing and querying data.  The first is the new Entity Data Model exposed as part of the ADO.NET Entity Framework, and the second is a set of extensions to the .NET Framework for integrating queries into the programming… Read more

Data Access API of the Day – Part IV (Programming to the Conceptual Model…)

Welcome to Part IV of Data Access API of the Day; a brief history of the evolution of Microsoft’s Data Access APIs. In Part I we looked at ODBC as Microsoft’s C-based Relational API, and the DAO and RDO automation interfaces that made relational databases exposed through ODBC available to languages like VB.  In Part… Read more

Data Access API of the Day, Part I

Why does it seem like Microsoft is coming up with a new Data Access API every time you turn around? First there was DbLib, then ODBC, then DAO, RDO, ODBCDirect, OLEDB, ADO, ADO.NET — When is Microsoft going to run out of letters? And now what’s this LINQ thing? And what about these “Entities” someone… Read more