FIM 2010 RC1 – Update 2 Available

You can find the latest update for FIM 2010 RC1 making it’s way out via Microsoft Update now.  There are many more fixes included in this update such as improvements to Sets. Install it on your systems & try it out. Links KB Article #977312  Release Notes Packages on Microsoft Update Catalog


Configuring FIM Client with Multiple Servers

In my previous post, I covered Server Partitions which showed how to setup multiple servers in your topology.  Once you have your servers setup, you will need to ensure your clients are pointed to the appropriate servers. Below is the topology that I discussed for reference.     In this topology we want to configure…


Service Partitions – Multiple Middle Tiers, Request & Workflow Processing

One of the updates found in FIM 2010 RC1 Update 1 as David points out is the ability to ensure Requests and Workflows (WF) created on a specific FIM Service Partition are executed only on the same FIM Service Partition that it was created on.  FIM Service Partitions only matter if you run 2 or…


FIM 2010 RC1 – Update 1 Available

You can now find FIM 2010 RC1 Update1 making its way out via Microsoft update.  This is a cumulative release with many fixes across the product.  Of particular interest from a performance perspective is some changes we have made to significantly improve performance around the password reset scenario.  I highly recommend you pick up RC1…


FIM 2010 Performance Testing – Scale & Load

Scale For the discussion of scale the first question is the number of users & groups you expect to be in your system.  There are fairly easy numbers to determine with a few queries of Active Directory or whatever is your directory store of choice.  As many companies currently do not allow end users to…


FIM 2010 Performance Testing – Policy Objects

Policy Objects are the heart of your deployment where you will implement the business logic needed.  These will also be influenced by the scenarios (credential management, group management, user management, etc.)  that you deploy.  As such it is no one deployment will be exactly the same as another but to help give you a data…


FIM 2010 Performance Testing – Hardware

My goal with this post is to give you some data on the type of hardware we are using internally for our testing, which you could use to help inform your own hardware needs.  This is the hardware we are using to evaluate the product for release & that it will be able to support…


FIM 2010 Performance Testing – Topology

Customers have very different deployment needs for their product, all of these driven based on their various business requirements.  For ourselves we have taken a two pronged approach for testing the performance of FIM 2010 in different topologies.  We typically test in what I will refer to as our Standard topology & then we do…


FIM 2010 Performance Testing – Introduction

One of the areas I have been focused on recently has been testing the performance of our product.  With the release of RC1, I thought I would start off with some insight into what you can expect with the product.  A key problem with figuring out the performance of a given product is the number…


FIM 2010 RC1 Released

Today FIM 2010 RC1 has been released.  There have been alot of improvements since RC0 which we believe you will enjoy, so download it, try it, & let us know your feedback.