FIM 2010 RC1 – Update 3 Available

The latest update & last one prior to RTM has been posted to connect

A few highlights from the update include:

  • MPRs now have a MPR Type of being Set Transition or Request based
  • Support for SQL Server Failover Clusters
  • Updates to allow taking database backups with FIMService running
  • Improved error details in the FIM MA from the web service
Comments (4)

  1. Darryl,

    Can you elaborate on the difference between the two types of MPRs?

    Also what does "support for SQL Server Failover clusters" mean? Does that mean that hosting the databases on SQL Clusters is supported? Or does that also mean that clustering the Synchronization Service is finally supported?

  2. Darryl Russi says:

    As for the MPRs before we had MPRs would fire on direct requests, but also some collatoral would fire due to set transitions that are side effects of that request.  The ones caused by set transitions ignored principal, attributes & action which caused some confusion.  Now you have more control to be explicit about what you want to occur by choosing if it is a request or set transition MPR.

    SQL failover cluster means hosting databases on SQL failover clusters is supported.  Clustering of the services are not supported & therefore would need to be on a separate machine if the SQL server is clustered.

  3. Lars D. Feicho says:

    Dear Darryl,

    could you please give me some more information about the FIM CM RC1 Update 3 and where I can get the file from? At the moment I’m not be able to download the update from the Microsoft-Connect site.

    – Not enough rights to download the file –


    Lars D. Feicho

  4. Darryl Russi says:

    Lars, can you confirm you are enrolled in the FIM Beta program?

    If not you need to be enrolled. To do so, go to & search for FIM to sign up.

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