Blog moved to

When I first started at Microsoft I had my own blog on my own site.  However, after a few months I started blogging here anyway and removed the blog from my own site. Recently I’ve dusted off the old site and started afresh with a nice new blogging engine that I really like and with…


A peek inside the OSS Labs at Microsoft

There is a bunch of photos on Port25 taken inside the OSS labs at Microsoft.  This is an interesting look at whats going on behind the scenes.  It is reasonably well known that we have a OSS lab, but this opens it up a little more. If you are interested in a little more behind…


Changes in DPE (and a new blog to follow)

As you may know Sean has moved on to Redmond which means we have a new manager here in DPE New Zealand. Scott Wylie is now the Director of the Developer and Platform Strategy team here in New Zealand.  Scott has been in Microsoft New Zealand for longer than almost anyone else in Microsoft New…


Random Stats

I was looking at my stats today from my blog and found some interesting things.  Note that these are only the last 500 visitors – so this is not necessarily a dead accurate representation of the stats. Firstly – Operating Systems: Visitor % Operating System 58.00% Windows XP 32.00% Windows Vista 3.20% Unknown 2.20% Windows…


Dead hard drive, dead power supply

I’ve had a tough time over the last week or so. Last Monday my Hard Drive in my new HP laptop died, taking all its data with it.  Fortunately, unlike some, I have been using foldershare (which has been down quite a bit lately) to replicate most of my key data around.  The key data…


Things I love about the new Live Writer

I really like live writer.  I love online/offline applications that have both a software and an online component – I get the best of the experience with the best of the reach.  Anyway, I’ve already talked about that and that’s not what this post is about. I really like some of the new features of…


Working at Microsoft and meetings

A few weeks ago I came to the realization that at Microsoft we have relatively few meetings.  I know – it is probably something I should have picked up ages ago, but its not until you are insanely busy that you notice it – or maybe I’ve just got a grip… Anywho, this one thing…


Switching RSS Feeds – please follow me :-)

If you subscribe directly to my RSS feed either here or at, please redirect your feed reader to  If you’ve been using my aggregated feed from, this is now managed by the new RSS feed, and I recommend switching over to the new RSS feed. Over the next few weeks I’ll be…


Forza Motorsport 2

In case you have an XBox 360 and dont know whats coming with Forza 2… check this out. I like car racing, but this is a little over the top for my budget 🙂