How to buy Visual Studio in New Zealand

We often get asked "how can I buy Visual Studio and MSDN?". And since last time we posted on this was back in 2005 I thought we should update this guidance. If you look at the bottom of the MSDN NZ Visual Studio page, you’ll see a section called "How to Buy". It lists there…


MSDN Flash – Here comes the wave!

Last week Visual Studio 2008 was released to manufacturing. If you have a MSDN Subscription, you can download it now. Visual Studio 2008 will hit store shelves in late Jan/early Feb. In spite of the fact that Visual Studio has only just been released, a number of customers have already been using it. Provoke, Datacom,…


Lessons Learned from five years of SDL

Michael Howard, the kiwi at the cutting edge of security in Microsoft in the US has written a great “Lessons Learned” article for this months MSDN Magazine. Even if you don’t get the mag, you can read the article online – and I suggest you do.  He’s got some great tips and explains why Microsoft’s…


MSDN Flash – Daylight Saving and Tech Ed wrap up

Tech Ed is done. It was a great event and before you forget I want to remind you of something you may have heard about at Tech Ed and if you didn’t its critical that you understand it. One of the lunchtime sessions we had was around the changes to Daylight saving. This year we…


MSDN Flash – What is in Windows Server for developers?

The last editorial I wrote about Visual Studio 2008’s multi-targeting support, however as the Launch coming in February is about Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 I thought I might shed some light on what is coming in Windows Server for developers too.  Specifically I want to focus on Web Developers and Internet Information…


MSDN Flash: What Multi-targeting means to customers

One of the new features of Visual Studio 2008 is the ability to target multiple versions of the .Net framework with your application.  I briefly mentioned this my last editorial, but I thought I’d expand on it here and help you understand why this is a very good thing for developers. One of the problems…


MSDN Flash Editorial – Expression Web and Tech Ed NZ teaser

Great news last week for those of you in the web development space, thanks to the great feedback from the developer community we’ve decided to release Expression Web and Expression Blend (when released) as part of the MSDN Premium subscription. Expression Web is a great product if you are wanting to create standards compliant web…


Expression Web to be available through MSDN

Soma has announced this morning that Expression Web and Expr ession Blend will be made available to MSDN Premium subscribers. Good news if you are part designer and part developer.  This decision was based on your feedback, so keep it coming 🙂 Full details on Somas blog here. Technorati tags: Expression, MSDN