Launch – Building Connected Systems

As promised, I’ve uploaded the slides and code from my Connected Systems talk from the Launch events up to my skydrive, so if you are interested, you can grab them. The sample code includes the code to extract data from Oulook, extend your ASP.Net Role and Membership provider to consume them in client applications along…


Slides – Overview of Visual Studio 2008

Since I’ve probably done this talk to exhaustion now, I thought I would post my slides for all to get at. I’ve still got a few presentations left to do on this topic, once I’ve done them I’ll try and post a screencast of the entire presentation and put it on silverlight streaming – it…


VS2008 Screen cast #4 – Client Application Services

If you are familiar with smart clients, you’ll know that they allow you to use the full capabilities of the desktop including the screen real estate and connected devices as well as allowing a richer user experience.  We are continuing to build on our smart client story, and Client Application Services are part of this. …


Visual Studio 2008 screen cast #3 – WCF & WF

In my last screen cast I showed how easy it is to use WCF in Visual Studio 2008.  During my user group tour, I was asked whether we had done any work to integrate Windows Workflow with WCF.  The answer is yes. In this screen cast you’ll see how easy it now is to consume…


Visual Studio 2008 screen cast #2 – WCF

This is the second in my series of screen casts of new features in Visual Studio 2008.  WCF has been out since we released .Net 3.0 in October 2006, however, with Visual Studio 2008 we introduce very good tool support for creating, configuring, debugging, testing and consuming WCF Services. Of course it all starts with…


Visual Studio 2008 – Multi-targeting

As promised, here is the first of my screen casts on Visual Studio 2008.  This one focuses on Multi-targeting which allows you to target one of three versions of the .Net Framework in Visual Studio 2008.  These screencasts will generally weigh in at around 5 mins long.  The video is 1024×768, so you can read…


SQL Server for PHP driver CTP released

If you happen to be building sites in PHP and want to take advantage of SQL Server, we’ve just released a drive for SQL Server 2005 for use in PHP sites. This is not final code, but it is scheduled for release in February.  In the meantime you can download the CTP of the driver…


Opening up the source of the .Net Base Class Libraries

Today we’ve announced (through ScottGu) that we are opening up the source code (complete with comments) for some of the .Net Base Class Libraries. The purpose of this is to enable richer debugging support inside Visual Studio 2008 which will be released later this year. When you hit a breakpoint in Visual Studio 2008 on a…


Whats new in Visual Studio 2008 – talk and demo

We are kicking off a series of events for anyone interested in getting an update on new tools, technology and platform advances. We are calling these “Microsoft Unplugged”. Nathan kicked these events off last week with an overview of Windows Server 2008. This week its my turn.  I’ll be presenting at Microsoft in Auckland this Friday…


Collaboration – we all have something to share

Brenda was recently quoted in the Fryup on ComputerWorld with regards to the story behind SuperHappyDevHouse New Zealand. “I wanted an event that would get people who don’t currently work on open source, but want to, to come along and just do it. After talking to Darryl I realised this goes the other way too….