2008 Summer Road Trip Prize Draw Results

On Wednesday we drew the prize draw for the 2008 summer road trip. Jeremy took the data, imported it into SQL, did some code to match registrations and invitations to evaluation forms, then write a little function to draw someone from random from the list of entries. The prize pool was: Two servers with Windows…


Road Trip Code and slides now available

Many of you have asked about availability of the code and slides from the road trip, and the good news is that they are now up. Jeremy has the scoop along with instructions to build a VM for yourself. Enjoy!


End of the road (trip) – Invercargill

Today we are in Invercargill.  Today is the last day of our Road Trip.  Today is kind of a sad day. We’ve had a great time driving around the country presenting on Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008.  I think those who have come along have enjoyed the road trip too…


Day 11 – Dunedin

Last night JB and I flew down to meet Chris in Dunedin.  In retrospect, we could have gone down this morning, but it translated into a good sleep in this morning, and we are safely in the town we need to be in and not at the mercy of the airlines to get us there…


Day 10 – Christchurch

This morning we woke up in the middle of nowhere, with no mobile coverage, no telephone and lots of distance between us and civilization – a geek’s worst nightmare.  We were of course in Maruia Springs Thermal Resort in Lewis Pass.  Chris is still not feeling very good, but he managed to find a pharmacy,…


Nelson to Christchurch

Last night we took the ferry to the South Island at 6:15 (give or take 30 minutes for a delay).  We it was dark when we got to Picton, which meant we got to take some photos during sunset in the sounds which was pretty cool.  When we got to Picton we headed to a…


Wellington done – South Island – Here we come!

 Today the boys did their presentation to our home town of Wellington.  It went well and was generally enjoyed by everyone.  The Paramount was a fantastic venue and we had heaps of capacity so even though we  had hundreds of registrations we didn’t need to close it off. It was great to be home and…


Day 7 – Palmerston North

Jeremy and Chris are both really looking forward to Wellington tomorrow – it is our home town, and we are expecting the biggest (and best?) audience at a very cool venue – the Paramount Picture Theatre. Today however, we are in Palmerston North.  After breakfast, we headed back down through Dannevirke where we switched drivers…


Day 6 – Napier

We started the week at 7am by driving from Wellington to Napier.  It was pouring rain in Wellington – but the rain eased and cleared once we got through the Waiarapa. It was funny driving through my home town, Dannevirke, and pointing out one or two features of the town along the way including the…


Day 5 – New Plymouth

The road between Hamilton and New Plymouth was interesting.  There is little to no cellular coverage for about an hour and a half – which made us techies feel quite isolated.  We particularly felt for the owners of the petrol station at Awakino… We also drove through a bug storm.  Jeremy actually thought it was…