Day 11 – Dunedin

The centre of the Octagon in Dunedin with the Town Hall in the backgroundLast night JB and I flew down to meet Chris in Dunedin.  In retrospect, we could have gone down this morning, but it translated into a good sleep in this morning, and we are safely in the town we need to be in and not at the mercy of the airlines to get us there under time pressure, so all good.  We were also pleased to find that the newer part of the Southern Cross Hotel in Dunedin is much nicer than the old side (so JD - you'll want to remember that).

Jeremy and I scoped out the cafe's around the Octagon this morning, and were very happy to find local cafe  served up the best coffee we have encountered yet (outside of Wellington of course).  Their Potato Cakes and Pancakes are also pretty good, so if you are in Dunedin, you should check it out - we will be back in the morning.

Dunedin turned on a great day, and a great audience (another record for Dunedin).  Our local speaker, Beric Holt was pumped and ready to go (actually, he was extremely relaxed), Chris was also pumped, and particularly so after being called a "Marc Ellis wannabe" in Christchurch.Dunedin audience engaged with JB and Chris

Tomorrow is the last day of our Road Trip - in Invercargill. 

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  1. buzzrick says:

    Great gig thanks guys.  Thanks for all of the support.

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