Day 2 – Tauranga

IMG_2821_tiny We made our way from Auckland to Tauranga today.  No dramas with the location this time (phew!), and we started making stops and taking photos along the way.  We stopped in Paeroa and Waihi to take some photos, grab drinks (you can't not do this in Paeroa) and take a look at the gold mine in Waihi.  I've put some of my photos up on the summer road trip website, and we've started blogging there too.

Tauranga was fantastic.  No reflection on the fantastic work that the Auckland User Group leaders did, but as JB said, the Aucklanders put up an average attendance.   Unlike the Aucklanders, pretty much everyone in Tauranga who had registered actually turned up, meaning we had around 100 people in attendance - Rock on Tauranga!

Once again, the feedback was great.  Tomorrow we have a day off which we will spend in Rotorua, then on to Hamilton.  Remember you can still register!

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  1. Nikolai says:

    Sorry but the woeful traffic situation makes mass gatherings difficult in AK to be honest. Events such as the architecture camps & teched make for more attractive propositions as they are high intensity, high return prospects.

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Thanks Nikolai,

    We did have a few people say they couldn’t come, but most just didn’t show.  

    If we had known this would happen we probably would have left registrations open rather than closing them off.

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