Dead hard drive, dead power supply

I've had a tough time over the last week or so. Last Monday my Hard Drive in my new HP laptop died, taking all its data with it.  Fortunately, unlike some, I have been using foldershare (which has been down quite a bit lately) to replicate most of my key data around.  The key data I lost in this instance is mail (PST's - you'd think we have unlimited mailbox sizes wouldn't you?) and the remainder of my screencasts that I'd recorded earlier.

So I've got to do the rest of those again...

Then the company that supplies our laptops didn't have a spare, so I had to purchase one outright (which was actually pretty cheap in the end), so I got that fitted on Monday, in time for me to travel to Auckland and Invercargill on Tuesday/Wednesday to present at a conference and at the first ever Invercargill .Net UG meeting.

Then on Friday morning the power supply in my (two month old) home computer died, just as I need to use it for a heap of work at home that needs to be done (great timing!).

New power supply should arrive tomorrow, in the meantime I'm using my UMPC for everything at home - which is not ideal, but working OK.

Anyway, hopefully I'll have more screencasts up later this week.  I'll also post my slides from the Visual Studio tour late this week too.

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  1. David says:

    Hi Darryl…your experience reminded me of a film…a series of unfortunate events.

    Hope your gears will behave from now on 🙂

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