Tech Ed sessions – top 10

I'll I've just got the Evaluation results for Tech Ed, so I thought I'd share the top 10 sessions from Tech Ed before I head out for a weekend.  I've got to say that the competition among the top half of the sessions was very tight - you needed to be exceptional to get into the top 30 odd as they all ranked at 8.0 out of 9 or higher on average. 

Hopefully the formatting will be OK in your browser.

I'll slice and dice the rest and send out emails to all speakers next week.  Below are the top 10 sessions by average score.

Place Title Speaker Avg
1 Woman in Technology Evening Eileen Brown / Helen Robinson 8.69
2 Securing Your Friends and Family Steve Riley 8.54
3 Building BackgroundMotion Scalable
Web Fast by using the Composite Web Block
Jeremy Boyd 8.45
4 The Fortified Data Centre In Your Future:
Build It and They Will Come
Steve Riley 8.41
5 Developing Data Driven Applications using the
new Dynamic Data Controls in ASP.NET
Andrew Tokeley 8.41
6 How Did they Find That?: Implementing the
New Microsoft Fundamental Computer
Investigation Guido for Windows
Kai Axford 8.39
7 It's 11:00 P.M. Do You Know Where Your Data Is? Steve Riley 8.35
8 Making the Tradeoff: Be Secure or Get Work Done Steve Riley 8.35
9 Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Paul Conroy /
Doug McCutcheon
10 Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Security in Depth Steve Riley 8.26
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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    If I were a TV executive that would look like a pretty compelling argument for The Steve Riley Show…

  2. Well Tech.Ed is well and truly over her and in NZ. Was reading Darryl’s blog and it was awesome…

  3. The Women in Technology evening at Tech Ed has generated quite a bit of discussion and even momentum

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