Tech Ed WIT dinner kicks off Girl Geek Dinners

The Women in Technology evening at Tech Ed has generated quite a bit of discussion and even momentum.  Apart from the evening being the highest scoring session at Tech Ed, it has also inspired a number of women to start a girl geek dinner group in New Zealand. If you are interested in keeping in…

2 – all NZ communities under one roof

One of the things we launched at Tech Ed (the card on the left that Louie is holding) is  This site is designed to be a centralized site for all the Microsoft Communities in New Zealand.  This includes developer, infrastructure and designer (thanks to Nas the ZamDes lead for the site design!). If you don’t…


Host your email using Live Mail and Live Domains

Mauricio set up last week.  In two days he signed up 50 new email accounts – pretty impressive.  He’s also posted a FAQ about how he did it. I was talking with him about it last week and he pointed out just how easy it is to set up your own domain name to…


Tech Ed sessions – top 10

I’ll I’ve just got the Evaluation results for Tech Ed, so I thought I’d share the top 10 sessions from Tech Ed before I head out for a weekend.  I’ve got to say that the competition among the top half of the sessions was very tight – you needed to be exceptional to get into…


MSDN Flash – Daylight Saving and Tech Ed wrap up

Tech Ed is done. It was a great event and before you forget I want to remind you of something you may have heard about at Tech Ed and if you didn’t its critical that you understand it. One of the lunchtime sessions we had was around the changes to Daylight saving. This year we…


Tech Ed Blog posts

I thought I’d put together a list of blog posts I haven’t already linked to elsewhere. Code Camp: For developers it all started with Code Camp – Summaries from Ivan and Kirk. Tech Ed: Eileen loved the keynote, as did Mauricio – and they’ve both seen a few… Craig at Xero summarized Xero involvement this year….


Collaboration – we all have something to share

Brenda was recently quoted in the Fryup on ComputerWorld with regards to the story behind SuperHappyDevHouse New Zealand. “I wanted an event that would get people who don’t currently work on open source, but want to, to come along and just do it. After talking to Darryl I realised this goes the other way too….


User Group Meeting at Tech Ed Today!

Rodney Lake has organized a last minute User Group meeting for anyone interested at 4pm today at TechEd. If you are around, come to the Milford Room on Level 4 (its down the corridor in behind the stairways where the “Sponsors Rooms” sign is). The session is a round table open discussion with the head…


Evermore @ TechFest

I haven’t spoken to anyone who didn’t enjoy the Tech Fest last night.  That means I’ve either spoken to very few people or everyone enjoyed themselves.  Hopefully the photos speak for themselves…  


Depth of technical sessions

One of the things we often get feedback on is that we often don’t hit the mark on session depth.  There are a few ways to fix this… The first is to ensure we get deep sessions in to the agenda.  I’ve made an effort to try and work these in this year.  There are…