The sound of inevitability – help us help you

Warning: oncoming train...It happens every year... Tech Ed sells out and we have lots of people who miss out on getting tickets.

How can this happen?

When tickets go on sale we blog about it, we note it in MSDN and Technet Flash Newsletters, and we advertise in mainstream media (ComputerWorld, etc), not to mention that we are all talking to our customers about it when we talk to them.

But somehow we always have a reasonable number of people who miss out on tickets.

How can you make sure you don't miss out next year?  Here are the key ways of helping us to help you.

Firstly we send out MSDN Flash and TechNet Flash once every two weeks, and we've talked about Tech Ed in almost every one of them.  

So, here is my quick informal poll - please reply in the comments.

My question to you

1) Do you know about MSDN Flash (sign up here - note LiveID (aka passport) required)?

2) If you receive MSDN Flash - do you read it?  If so, what parts?

3) What is your ideal newsletter format?

Please give us some feedback to help reach out more effectively with these mechanisms 🙂

Comments (3)
  1. I think the early sales probably tripped up a few old salts this year…  but surely people being aware of when the tickets are first on sale (and knowing when it’s going to sell out) is just going to shift the whining about missing out on tickets a few months forward… there just simply aren’t enough tickets in the first place.

  2. Hmmm.  What’s your policy towards ticket scalping?  It sounds to me like you need a secondary market.  🙂

  3. Kirk Jackson says:

    Who needs newsletters when you have RSS feeds? I normally read the MSDN Flash / TechNet Flash editorials on your, Nigel or Nathan’s blogs, and I don’t really read the rest of the Flash (links, webcasts etc) when it comes in.


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