Getting the new Live betas in New Zealand

If you are a fan of Live Mail Desktop Beta (now Live Mail Beta) or Live Writer and have noticed that they've been released but are not available in New Zealand, there is a pretty simple way to get these betas (and they are pretty cool - if its just for spell checking in live writer - so its worth the tiny extra effort to get them).

The page you want it, however youimage'll get a placeholder page if you visit the site using the EN-NZ language settings.  To work around this (in IE7 anyway) click the tools drop town button on the top right side of the window and select Internet Options then click the languages button at the bottom of the dialog.  Click Add and find the language entry that reads "English (United States) [en-us]" and add it.  Change the priority so that US English is on top of NZ English as shown in the image to the right and then click the OK buttons to close the dialogs.

Now if you open another instance of Internet explorer (or close the one you are using and open a new one - a forced refresh should also work...) you'll be able to browse the URL above.  To quickly get the downloads try this link for Live Mail and this link for Live Writer.

Don?t forget to change the language order back when you have finished.  That way you get NZ customized content on 🙂

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  1. Simeon Pilgrim says:

    I had no issue getting Live Writer the other day from NZ,  but then I was using FireFox, and now I try with IE I see the problem you describe… How odd.

  2. Mike Luxford says:


    Can you check this again? I can’t seem to get this to work. Tried your suggested fix in both firefox and IE, and tried changing the system regional settings in desperation, but to no avail – the cookie keeps getting set as NZ. Are they doing IP based blocking now? Can you get us a workaround? I love Live Writer and it’s frustrating to not be able to use it…

  3. Garry Trinder says:

    Yup, just double checked and worked fine here.  One more thing you need to do that I didn’t mention was that you need to make EN-US the top language – just adding itsn’t enough.  If it is the first language in the list it seems to work consistently for me 🙂


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