More NZ Sidebar Gadgets

There is lots of activity in the Windows Vista Sidebar gadget space here in New Zealand.  There are a heap of significant organizations here that are working on gadgets right now that will be revealed in the next few weeks.

For the moment though I want to highlight the astonishing gadget development effort of Chris Crowe.  Chris is an IIS MVP from Christchurch and he's been busy making gadgets for a while.  I had no idea he was working on these until the Christchurch Technical Briefing when I caught up with him briefly.

He currently has six gadgets that he's built. Five of them are Radio gadgets (one for each of More FM, Radio Pacific, News Talk ZB, RDU Radio in Christchurch and ZM Online)- so you can put your radio station on your sidebar and listen while you work.

The other one is a very cool NZ Weather gadget.  This gadget tells you the current wind speed and direction, rainfall, humidity, barometric pressure and temperature.  In addition you can see graphs of the data over the last 24 hours or 7 days depending on the type of data.

This is a very cool gadget.   He's only uploaded it a few days ago (last thursday IIRC) and its already had nearly 3500 downloads!

You can get any of Chris's gadgets from his live gallery profile page here.

There is lots of news around gadgets coming up - there are some cool gadgets and gadget usage starting to happen. 

If you've got a gadget you'd like showcased, please let me know.

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