XNA Game Studio released!

XNA_Hero_Banner2.jpgThis is cool. We've just released v1 of the XNA Game Studio.  XNA Game studio allows you to develop games for both Windows and the XBOX 360 using Visual Studio or Visual C# Express (free).

In addition we've also launched the Creators Club which is a subscription based service available through the XBOX Live platform (US$99 for 12 months) that gives developers a load of resources from both Microsoft and partners including starter kits, white papers and other "game assets" (I didn't know games had assets....).

You can download XNA Game Studio Express now.  You will also want to visit the Game Studio Express home page here to get more information.

If you *happen* to be in Washington State, you might want to drop by the party the XNA team is having...

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  1. You should keep an eye on Sharky’s blog (a fellow guy from Intergen) to see somebody developing a game with XNA. Looking great so far 🙂

    The game has even been shown in a demo video made by Microsoft.


    – JD

  2. smcbreen says:

    Always one step ahead of me 😉

  3. Keith Cash says:

    This is cool. will give to my son to tackle.


    Also thanks for the link JD

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