ASP.Net Atlas Extensions 1.0 Beta available now

Over the weekend I needed to install the ASP.Net AJAX extensions (formally known as Atlas) on my home computer.  When I went to the download site at I found that the version had been updated.

My Bad... I've been busy and kinda pre-occupied with other stuff coming out (such as Vista, IE7, and Office), and this product shipped a whole week ago!

Anyway... This version has some interesting things that I wanted to point out.

Firstly there are now three components to download.  The core components are the bits that will be part of the v1 release.  Some things that were in there before have been dropped out into a seperate Value-Add CTP that you can get here.  Finally there is the AJAX control toolkit which is the shared source components added by the community and by Microsoft.

Whats REALLY interesting about this is what they've done with the script components.  If you've used ATLAS, you'll know that the javascript files have been pretty large.  In this version if all you use is the partial page rendering you'll only make the user download 21kb of Javascript files.  Not bad.

Finally, we've also got much more solid support for Safari in this release.

I haven't had a chance to play with this (yet), but there are some great details on all these points on Scott Guthries blog.  I recommend you go read it if you are interested.

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