Tech Ed Day 2 – I love feedback

Day two has just finished for me.

The party went well, everybody I spoke to was enjoying themselves and all the positive replies I got were emphatic - particularly as the night wore on.  The Feelers rocked the house and everyone had a good time. 

I have been spending today between the speakers room where I've been preparing for my presentation tomorrow, and the market place where I've been mingling and talking to as many people as I can, getting feedback on how the event has been perceived.  Again, lots of positive feedback peppered with some constructive criticism. 

This feedback has been great, as next year I'm taking on the job of managing Tech Ed content, so I've been particularly interested in what sessions went well and what didn't.  If you have some feedback that you'd like to send - feel free to use the contact link on my blog to send it to me directly.

I've got to get some sleep - I'm presenting at 9am in the morning and I haven't finished preparing yet.  If you want to catch up tomorrow, I'll be in the market place around the Microsoft stand during most of the breaks.

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