Office 2007 – something new every day

Dont ya just hate it when that happens.  We just finish telling everyone about the export to PDF format in the 2007 Office system products and the feature gets pulled (local blogsphere responses here and here).

Anyway, even before this came out, I wanted to make note of something that I'd found in Office beta 2 that was cool (from my humble POV).  I've got a shiney new M400 and I've been loving using OneNote 2007 on it.  One of the cool new features of OneNote is its integration with Office - and particularly with Outlook.

In an Outlook meeting you can click a new button that is called meeting notes.  This opens OneNote and automatically enters the details of the meeting (where, time, date, who, etc).  You just start inking.  When complete close OneNote.  To find the notes, you can either do it through OneNote or by clicking the button again in the calendar item.  Very nice.

FWIW I installed the Professional Plus edition of Office and then installed OneNote afterwards, so this functionality is not just for the enterprise edition of Office.

Another thing I really like is that if you mark an item for followup in OneNote it autumatically goes into your tasks pane in your inbox - and if you've written the note with handwriting it will automatically convert it to text for you to load it in.  Very nice.  One place for all your reminders and to do list.

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