Live SDK now available!

Last month I blogged that the development experience was about to improve.... Well, it just improved.

We've just released a beta of the SDK for developing gadgets for  The SDK includes:

You'll find the SDK and all the links here.  If you want to know what else is coming, take a look at James's blog post here.  If you want to give feedback to the team they've got an alias you can send mail to.

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  1. Nick Moylan says:

    Darryl, are there many opportunites for generating revenue off a constructive and useful gadget?

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Hi Nick!

    Currently there is no way to build a gadget and earn revenue, however, this is something I understand is being considered for the future.  Having said that it is possible to build a gadget that requires a user/password combo, so under a subscription model it might be possible to use a gadget to enable access to content.

    The key benefit of a gadget is "stickiness" or giving your users another way to get content in front of users and keep them coming back.

    I hope this helps!

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