Advertising in Vista

Jonesie has asked about advertising in Vista... will Microsoft be covering your desktop with ads?

The short answer is no.  Not much has been publically discussed about this yet, so I cant give away many details, however, I can assure you that you will have no less control over what comes into your computing environment in Vista than what you have today. 

We are not building a spam engine (some might argue we already have one).  Did you know that we already have an advertising engine going?  If you take a look at you'll find that there are already ads on there.  If you look at the new Hotmail beta, you'll see ads in that too, and you'll notice them in Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger), but I dont expect you'll see seriously intrusive ads like Peter is concerned about.

Of course my knowledge in this area is not as complete as those in the product teams...

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  1. Lauren Smith says:

    It just sounds so wrong.

    But taking a look at Nigel Parker’s post which your second link links to, the adCenter technology seems to be primarily a web-based search engine add-on technology (that’s a mouthful).  As long as we’re not talking about putting a little advertising blurb anywhere but in my web browser and only on web apps that choose to put them there, then I still retain control over whether I want to use those particular web apps.

    What I do worry is that the content on my computer will be used to give feedback to the adCenter technology, and that would be even worse than having ads on my desktop.  No one’s talking about doing that, right?

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    I’m going to put my thumb on my head and say I really dont know what the plan is, however, many advertising agencies on the internet today collect information about the type of ads you click on and the sites you go to – this generally isn’t information that identifies you (although I believe there are a couple of agencies who track your visits and store them per user) but it is information that is used for aggregated reporting to see what people are generally interested in.

    I’ll post more on the ad-center business as it comes my way in a form that can be made public 😉

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