Geekzone now has public blogs!

Mauricio over at Geekzone has been coding up some functionality for a blogging engine and has just released it publically - although its still in beta.

"Another blogging engine?" I hear you ask.... So what is different about the blogs at geekzone?

  • Use your affiliate accounts
  • Insert your own HTML on the site
  • Works with YOUR google adsense code (see notes in the introduction though).
  • Automatic RSS via Feedburner along with all the stats that come with it
  • The 10 most recent blog entries appear on the front page of - great exposure - and a great way to increase your traffic to a relevant audience...

From my (limited) knowledge I think this is one of - if not the first instance of a blogging engine that allows you to monetise your blog.  Registration will get you a blog in the name of your user name - so something like

Pretty cool - another example of kiwis pushing the envelope... Good work Mauricio!

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  1. I couldn’t resist the urge to get a geekzone blog.  With the monetization options I think it will…

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