Free MSDN Magazines – coming to a user group near you

If you are a member of the New Zealand MSDN Connection program, I'm in the process of sending your free Australasian MSDN Magazine to the various Dot Net User Groups dotted around the country.

If you want to get one - you'll want to go to the next user group meeting in your area to pick it up.  If you are not a member - what are you waiting for?  Its free and you get a bunch of benefits.

If you go to a user group and are not a member you'll need to sign up to get a magazine - you can do that online at or your User Group leader should be able to help you get signed up on the night (subject to availability of internet connection).

To find a User Group near you - head over to and on the left you'll see a list of towns with user groups - if your town isn't there - check the "regions" link to see if it's there.

Many MSDN Connection members have been asking what happened to these magazines over the last few months - did their subscription stop?  The answer is no - their subscription didnt stop - but the magazine took a hiatus - the editor notes:

"As you undoubtedly noticed, MSDN Magazine went on a small hiatus of a few months.  This was a great opportunity for us to take stock of the direction of the magazine and ensure everything will run smoothly for the next twelve months"

There is more - if you want to know it - get to a user group and get a mag - its in the editorial 🙂

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