The Future of Web Development

I’ve just finished another presentation on the future of Web Development.  I’m now finished my presentations for the year. I thought I’d put up a link to the slides I’ve been using and include the links I used in the presentation. You can get the slide deck from here: The Future of Web Development (2.7Mb PowerPoint…


Bored? Want to find out what it was like for MS to deploy TFS?

In case you have become bored due to us not releasing anything since Saturday (Visual Studio 2005 SP1) you might want to spend a few minutes seeing what it was like for Microsoft to deploy Team Foundation Server to the developer division of Microsoft. Some interesting things in there.  For starters – scale – Microsoft…


Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Coming tomorrow

Just announced (this was supposed to be announced next week, but…) that Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 will be available for download tomorrow (see below). Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 continues Microsoft’s investment in market leading development tools. Service Pack 1 addresses issues that were found through a combination of customers and partner…


Firefox support for Windows Card Space

Good news if you are considering Windows Card space: Today we announced that that Kevin Miller – an independent consultant fluent in both the Java and open-source as well as .NET – has completed the first release of an open-source Mozilla Firefox extension for Windows CardSpace and released it to the web for download. Kevin…


Create a ribbon for Office 2007 in three easy steps

I’m preparing for a demo tomorrow on Office 2007 programability and I’ve been playing with the RTM version of VSTO SE (or Visual Studio Tools for Office Second Edition). They’ve made huge progress forward on this since the beta code that I’ve been talking about over the last few months.  One of the key areas…


PDC 07 Dates announced.

The dates for PDC07 have just been announced. PDC  is the biggest developer event that Microsoft holds. Its on once every two years and is usually where all the big announcments are made and lots of cool technology gets shown for the first time. Its back again in 2007 in Las Angeles on October 5-7….


XNA Game Studio released!

This is cool. We’ve just released v1 of the XNA Game Studio.  XNA Game studio allows you to develop games for both Windows and the XBOX 360 using Visual Studio or Visual C# Express (free). In addition we’ve also launched the Creators Club which is a subscription based service available through the XBOX Live platform…


Announcements from my inbox

2007 Microsoft Office File Formats The Microsoft Office File formats have been officially ratified by ECMA (the standards body that ratified javascript). Interestingly there were 20 votes in favour of and 1 vote against – IBM.  Read eWeeks coverage for more details. Exchange 2007 and Forefront Server Security I Just noticed a message in my…


Team Edition for Database Professionals now available

If you’ve got a Team Suite subscription you can now download the new Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals edition from MSDN. Team Edition for Database Professionals (aka DataDude) is the latest in Team Edition of Visual Studio which is aimed at giving database professionals some of the tools that they’d normally have to…


Expression stuff hits the web – cool!

Well, the announcement is out.  Expression and Microsoft’s designer product suite has been announced. This week I’m on the road with Ray, Leon, Ron and Neil talking to lots of people about design, user experience and what they want to see out of Microsoft.  If you’ve got a few hours to spare consider coming along…