MSDN Subscription – too many disks?

If you've been frustrated by the sheer number of DVD's or CD's in your MSDN Subscrition, I've got some interesting news for you.  We are taking some products out.

As an outcome of the agreement between Sun Microsystems and Microsoft, products containing the Microsoft Virtual Machine (MSJVM), including Visual Studio® 6.0 and Windows® 2000, will cease to be available on MSDN Subscriber Downloads from late December 2005. Existing users of MSJVM are encouraged to make any required downloads prior to their removal. Support for existing users will extend until December 31st 2007. Further information is available at

The list of products that will be removed from MSDN subscriptions is:

  • Application Center 2000

  • BizTalk Server 2000

  • Commerce Server 2000

  • Commerce Server 2000

  • Resource Kit Embedded Visual Tools 3.0 (2002 Edition)

  • Exchange Server 5.5 & 2000

  • ISA Server 2000

  • MS Plus! 98

  • FrontPage 2000

  • Server Extensions Handheld PC 2000 SDK

  • Site Server 3

  • Small Business Server 2000

  • SNA Server 4.0

  • Service Pack 3 & Service Pack 4

  • System Management Server 2

  • Visual C++ (Alpha Systems)

  • Visual FoxPro 6.0

  • Visual SourceSafe 6.0c & 6.0d

  • Visual Studio 6.0

  • Windows CE Toolkit for Visual C++ 6.0

  • Windows CE SDKs & DDKs

  • Infrared Communications for Windows 95 DDK

  • DCOM for Windows 95 v1.1

  • Windows 98

  • Windows 98 DDK

  • Windows 2000

  • Windows 2000 DDK

  • Windows ME

  • Windows NT 4.0

  • Windows NT 4.0 DDK

  • System Stress for Windows NT 4.0 & Windows 2000

These products will be removed both from the pressed media you receive each month AND from MSDN Subscriber Downloads from today (December 16).

More information can be found at and at

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  1. tzagotta says:

    As an MSDN subscriber, it makes me a little nervous that Visual Studio 6.0 is getting removed. There are lots of applications out there built with that version, and I feel there is a strong possibility of needing to load that up again some time.

    Also, we have lots of customers (corporate environment) that are still using Windows 2000. Therefore, we need to maintain that as a testing platform. I think removal of that may also be a little premature.

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    While we are removing the media, you can continue to use the softwae… all products are supplied with perpetual use licenses, except subscriptions purchased through EAS/OSL/OVS*, and subscriptions as a benefit of Certified Partner/ISV Empower membership.

    However, "We are not obliged to make media available for products that have been withdrawn from availability or cease to be supported. There are cases whereby legal rulings, such as the agreement with Sun, preclude us from making products available. We typically maintain media availability of products in Volume Licensing to version n-1"

  3. riki says:

    ‘MS Plus! 98’


  4. Sean says:

    That means that we’ll need to keep around MORE disks.. the new MSDN disks without these products AND the old MSDN disks WITH these products…

  5. Kirk says:

    >> If you’ve been frustrated by the sheer number of DVD’s or CD’s in your MSDN Subscrition

    Boy, switching to DVD subscription has certainly made this part of MSDN easier for me!

    The only people who will be really affected are those who start an MSDN subscription from Jan onwards.


  6. Greg Duncan says:

    "We are not obliged to make media available for products that have been withdrawn from availability or cease to be supported…."

    Okay, be consistent then please. Why is Windows 3.1 still available? And VB2/3/4? And C++ 1.52? etc, etc?

    If you’re going to clean up, then DO IT! And do it going forward.

    I understand there’s a legal need behind this move, but it is still going to suck for those who USE these products.

    And just cause MS doesn’t support them doesn’t mean I DON’T! Like tzagotta above, I have production Win2k/VB6 apps that I can’t just rewrite/redeploy because MS didn’t figure us into their Sun settlement.

    Maybe give us some of the 1 billion that was given Sun and we’ll be able to afford to upgrade our apps…

    (Can you tell how frustrated this makes me?)

    I hate to bring this up, but this move has pushed me closer to open source than any other thing MS has done recently. This has made me wonder what’s the next product that will be pulled out from underneath me. If it’s open source, then at least I have some recourse. When VB6 is pulled, I’ll have none. Hell I won’t even be able to get IDE!… That puts me into a bad position.

    I’m sorry and I don’t mean to flame or attack you personally. I know it’s not your fault and that you are trying to help by posting this reminder. But please pass it on up your food chain how unhappy this move is making some in the community… I’m pretty much forced to give MS a "pass" on this. It happens again and I will have to start taking a serious look at other options.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me…

    Anyway, thank you again for posting this reminder and for putting up with my comment.

    In any case, have a Merry Christmas… 🙂

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