Hotmail Beta now public

Dare notes that the Hotmail Beta is now public.  See his blog entry for more details.


Tech Ed Hands on Labs – download available.

Chuck has put a blog entry up with links to all the Hands On Labs that were run at the Aussie Tech Ed.  The NZ Tech Ed HOLs were a subset of these, so you’re likely to find the one you liked here in NZ there too. We’ve also got the Tech Ed Presentations from…


Speaking at Connect

As Nigel has just blogged, I’ll be speaking at the Microsoft Connect sessions on Smart Client development in VS2005. This is my first big presso in a non speciality area (Mobility has been my specialty). Let the prep begin (no really, please let it begin! 🙂


XBox MVP blogs about his trip to the MVP summit

Allyn (sorry dude, you’re not anonymous anymore 🙂 is an XBox MVP from a small unknown part of the central(ish) North Island – an area which we share in common – I’m from a town 29km’s away. Allyn has put up a good blog post about his trip to the US for the MVP summit.  Im…


My blog and me

In a previous life – specifically the one I had before I joined Microsoft, I found that blogging was fun.  It was great to get my thoughts out there and see what everyone else thought about it. However, since I started at Microsoft, I’ve been in a rut blog-wize.  I think my blogging has gone…


MSN service status

I just found the MSN Service status page. You can see the status of the different services – well some of them.  Currently there are Search, Passport, Hotmail and Messenger. Cool.  I always like service status pages.  Its nice to have somewhere to look if you are having problems… Now where is the Hotmail Beta…


James Carpinter starts blogging – new student ambassador required.

I noticed today that James Carpinter has started blogging (last month actually – but it only appeared on my radar today). James is currently the Microsoft Student Ambassador at Canterbury University.  He’s leaving next year – he has a nice new role at Unisys, and so he’s looking for someone enthusiastic to replace him as…


New Zealand MSDN Pricing

The New Zealand prices for the new MSDN subscriptions is now available online. This is a US site, but if you go there and select the New Zealand currency, this is the accurate (and formal) New Zealand pricing. I’ll put this on the NZ MSDN website in the next couple of days.