Craig shows off and becomes a code monkey

After my previous blog entry dealing with VB Express and the Tablet PC SDK, Craig Pringle, the local Tablet PC User Group leader had a crack at creating a tablet PC app. 

He's started writing a very cool tablet blogging app that he will give away for free - very cool

You can read the features and Craigs progress and learnings so far in his blog entry here and his first post on it here.

It just shows that even non-developers can actually get into coding - and for free using the Visual Studio Express products!  Hmmm... maybe we should run an introductory course in development for IT Pro's.... 🙂

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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    Every developer starts off as a non-developer (although I personally think we’re all marked from birth). And I think writing code would be for many people a liberating experience.

    But as for IT Pros and even more so users… um, maybe not.

    You *know* what they’re like when they’ve coded a couple of VBA macros.

    If we let them near real languages…Aiee the horror. It’s bad enough having to deal with "My wife’s cousin’s neighbour’s paper boy says he can do that in an afternoon in PHP. So why can’t we contract it out to him?".

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