MSDN Connections is go!

Two weeks ago we put the finishing touches on the new version of the MSDN Connection program - and it's now ready to take your registrations!

What is the MSDN Connection Program?

The MSDN Connection is really about changing the way developers interact with Microsoft - its about being relational rather dealing with us on a transactional basis.  Its a way to connect 🙂

Whats in it for me?

The MSDN Connection program has four tiers - at each tier we introduce new benefits.  The base tier (bronze) gives you a free online magazine (get it before the printed version), a personal training tool and the opportunity to enter special MSDN Competitions.  There are more benefits as you go up the tiers.  The top tier is Platinum which is reserved for those who are doing an outstanding work in the developer community (e.g. running .Net User groups, Developer MVPs, and other "special" people).

How do I get assigned a tier?

When you register you will be automatically assigned a tier based on your answers to the questions (yes you have to answer questions - but dont worry it will only take a few minutes).  You can ascend up the tiers by passing certifcation or getting involved in the .Net community.  I really want you to go up the tiers - so please get stuck in!

What if I signed up before?

If you signed up to the old version of MSDN Connections, you will need to login and answer the new questions using your old MSDN Connections Passport account.  You will automatically be assigned the same status as you had last time - and the system should recognise you when you login.  If you've changed passport accounts - we dont know about it so you'll need to signup using your old account.

Whats in it for Microsoft?

The most important thing we get is a connection to you!  When you join MSDN Connections you answer some questions (as said - a few minutes is all thats required) about which developer products you use and how you feel about them.  We use this information to improve our products and our service to you so that we all win!

Once I sign up what happens?

When you sign up, your registration goes through a rigourous approval process (meaning I quickly check your application and approve you), after which you'll receive confirmation of your registration.  After you've been approved you'll have access to all the benefits.

Where do I sign up?

Go to and select the category you belong to at the bottom of the page (Professional, Student, Faculty) and follow the steps to sign up!

Comments (2)

  1. Daniel says:

    Do people who are already MSDN Connection members since it’s previous lauch need to sign up again for the new program?

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Yes, if you were previously registered you will need to go through the process again. However, we have retained your old details so it will be just a matter of answering the new questions. 🙂

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