Tech Ed – first half of day 1

Tech Ed 2005 is underway.  We've been busy this morning ensuring people know where to go for their sessions.

The MSDN Connection lounge is looking great.  We've got four XBoxes and a variety of games.  The XBox consoles are networked and we have three copies of Halo 2 so we can link them up if people want to.  If you are there at lunch time make sure you get a can of Red Bull.  If you are not sure how to drink it - people will be there to show you 😉

I'm in the speakers lounge as I write this - trying to do some preparation for my talk on Wednesday.

If you are around the Microsoft stand, ask for me - I'll be spending break times there - ask me about Visual Studio 2005 or SQL Server 2005, I can also help with licensing around MSDN Universal and various other dev type questions.

See you there!

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