On FireAnt, Atlas and AJAX

Omar Shahine has written a really interesting peice about the plumbing behind the new hotmail beta.  Its a great window in to the architectural and development approaches inside Microsoft, and inside MSN as well.

Key points I saw:

  • The new Hotmail system is based on .Net for the Data and Business layer

  • The MSN Team wrote FireAnt to simplify AJAX development

  • FireAnt sparked some great conversations inside Microsoft

  • They've just done a Channel 9 video which is currently in the editing phase 🙂

What I'm not clear on is whether FireAnt was what kick started Atlas...

Check out his blog post to read the full story.

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  1. Omar Shahine says:

    It depends on who you talk to :-). FireAnt was born long before Atlas. I would say that we had some influence on them, but we built FireAnt to really meet the needs of MSN and secondarly we thought it was interesting to bake it into the Framework. Atlas is targeted at a slightly different audience.

    Either way, the right people meet often to make sure there is good sharing/learning being transfered!

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Cool! Thanks for leaving the note! Great to know!

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