VS2005 Team System on Virtual PC – free order!

This has actually been around for a while but I never blogged about it - its been a quiet NZ release 🙂

If you wanted to try Visual Studio 2005 Team System but could never get it going on your own machine - or dont have the time to get it going, you can order (for no cost) a Virtual PC Image with the entire suite installed!

This is cool - its the first time that Microsoft have ever been able to publically release a Virtual PC image to the public!

Obviously you'll need Microsoft Virtual PC to be able to run it, but if you are a MSDN subscriber, its included in the subscription. 

If you are not a subscriber - we have 48% off for a limited time so get it now!

You can order the Virtual PC DVD here

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  1. Pieter de Bruin says:

    I got the Beta2 VPC image from MSDN and it works great. It is not the latest release, since the VS dev team keeps publishing their latest ctp almost monthly now.

    System requirements are a welcome addition here: The VPC is 9 Gb and needs lots of memory. My VPC has 700 Mb and likes a lot more.

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Good points – but dont be put off by the system requirements on the box – I’ve heard people running it with 512 Mb RAM – although turning off SQL and TFS.

    The System requirements are a fast CPU (I think from memory its 1GHz or better), 9Gb space, and 1.5 Gb (yes you read correctly) of RAM.

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