AJAX – if you missed ScotGu’s entry

AJAX = Asynchronous Javascript And Xml.  Microsoft has a project called Atlas which will deliver some solid AJAX stuff to VS2005 via an addon pack.

Things planned for Atlas include:

  • Atlas client script framework
  • ASP.Net Server controls for Atlas
  • ASP.Net Web Services integration
  • ASP.Net Building Blocks for Atlas
  • Client Building Block services

If you missed the blog entry by Scott Guthrie about Atlas, and its something you are interested in - you should check out the Scotts blog entry!

UPDATE: Fixed typo.

Comments (3)

  1. Garry Trinder says:

    Did you mean Asynchronous?

    Before promoting this Adaptive Path acronym – please fix your typos and get more information why it’s was not used actively before.

    In 1998 I’ve coded DHTML solution that was using hidden frame to pass values to database and get responses back using embedded JavaScript.

    This code was so innovative that it has revealed a lot of bugs in Netscape implementation of layers. Netscape was randomly failing with "Memory Access Violation" errors.

    Even if NS has fixed all of them – it was impossible to put it in production – as a lot of potential users can have outdated browser.

    The same problem is now – even if your "AJAX" solution will work in one browser – it will take time (and money) to make it work in some other browser. This is the main problem that prevent of lot of web-developers to create rich and easy to use websites.

    As well – current tradeoff (downloading pages again) is pretty much good for most of targeted users (broadband+USA).

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Thanks for letting me know about the typo…

    Feel free to choose not to use XMLHTTP if you dont like it 🙂

  3. Ron Buckton says:

    Back in 1999 I put together an AJAXish implementation for IE and Netscape 4.7. The netscape version used a very minimal Java applet which performed the service that XMLHTTP performs today, and XML-RPC. Since then I’ve used a variety of similar methods (including XML Web Services in .NET and webservice.htc which uses XMLHTTP), and finally client-callbacks. AJAX is nothing new, though google and MS’s use seems to be making it seem more relevant today. Anyone remember, or still use, XML Data Islands in IE?

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