Qantas coming out of the dark ages

I'm in Sydney today and tomorrow and on my flight over I noticed that Qantas were changing their policy regarding devices with an "in flight" mode.

Previously these devices (ala Pocket PCs and Smartphones in particular) have been banned from use during a flight.  However, the new policy allows these devices as long as the plane is not taking off or landing.

They even noted that laptops WITH WiFi were allowed!  Shame there is generally not an access point available.

Now we just need to educate them that those Gooseberries (or whatever they call them) are not as smart as they think and that Windows Mobile is 🙂

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  1. jamesmwhelan says:

    As a regular flyer around Europe, the major carriers seem to be more open to devices in "flight" mode, though it can often vary with different cabin crew. The low-cost airlines, seem particularly against it at the moment. On a personal note, on my flight over to Amsterdam on Monday, the guy sat behind me had his phone bleeping away just as the wheels hit the ground. I for one think this behaviour is really bad – I dont want my safety compromised because someone is **that** desperate to check their texty’s.

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    I agree. Its important to stick with the rules – there is normally a good reason to do so and FUD where there is not. Better safe than dead IMHO 🙂

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