Hey – we’re getting fast WiFi!

Microsoft has got a pretty good WiFi infrastructure, its well configured, secure and seems to be always available.

My only complaint with it is that its only 11Mb.  Thats about to change though with the annoucement that we're getting 802.11a/b/g soon!

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  1. tzagotta says:

    With pre-n available now, and working through the standards process, it seems kind of late to deploy a/b/g. As you said, ‘b’ is slow, ‘a’ has crappy range, and ‘g’ is decent overall.

    But none of this compares to pre-n, which is awesome – fast with good range.

    I also want to say that all wireless throughput numbers are complete fiction. Even when connected with ‘a’ at 54Mbps, it about the same speed as 10Mbps Ethernet. Also, pre-n, when in close range and connected at 100Mbps, is still much slower than 100Mbps Ethernet.

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