Steve Ballmer in New Zealand

Today many of us Wellington ‘softies flew to Auckland for a VIP visit. Now that its over we can reveal who it was – Steve Ballmer!Steve is in New Zealand for a family holiday and was able to spend a day in Auckland with a few customers and press and then spend a little time…


Ever wondered how much managed code Microsoft uses?

Dan Fernandez has announced he’s changing jobs, which is of course interesting in its own right – but at the bottom of his post he’s put up some interesting stats. These stats were published internally a couple of months ago, and Dan got permission to publish them.  So if you’ve wondered how many lines of managed code…


Want to speak at MEDC?

Mike Hall points out that calls for papers for MEDC is now open. MEDC is the Microsoft Mobile and Embedded Conference in Las Vegas on May 8th-11th. Given that we have two MVP’s in Mobile Devices (Mauricio & Chris) and a well known Tablet PC guy here in New Zealand, I dont think its unfeasible…


Receive NZ headlines in Visual Studio 2005!

This is something I’ve been working on for a while and it finally works! If you live in New Zealand, we can let you know of New Zealand news and events, etc that are coming up that you might be interested in from inside Visual Studio 2005. So – here’s what you need to do….


MIX – Microsoft Web Developer Conference – March 2006

If you missed out on PDC and are particularly interested in web development then you might be interested in attending MIX. Not as many seats as PDC, but it will have keynotes, presentations, discussions and labs. Registration is now open – if you are interested register to ensure you get your spot!  Take a look…


MSDN Subscription – too many disks?

If you’ve been frustrated by the sheer number of DVD’s or CD’s in your MSDN Subscrition, I’ve got some interesting news for you.  We are taking some products out. As an outcome of the agreement between Sun Microsystems and Microsoft, products containing the Microsoft Virtual Machine (MSJVM), including Visual Studio® 6.0 and Windows® 2000, will…


VB6 to VB.Net 2005 Upgrade Guidance

The Patterns and Practices guys have released a VB6 upgrade guide.  This is a new guide – here is an extract from the overiew: The purpose of this guide is to provide this comprehensive guidance. The guide discusses everything from the initial assessment and planning stages, to practical development solutions for the issues that arise…


More great learning resources

We updated the Microsoft New Zealand MSDN site the other day and trimmed some of the bits and pieces in the learnVS2005 page. But the developer marketing team have just put up a great article with a few more things in it including webcasts and free e-learning courses.  Check it out.


NZ Launch Wrap up Evaluations – Thank you!

Nigel has blogged on the launch evaluation statistics.  I.e. what you thought of the launch event. Nigel blew us all away and scored the highest overall session scores (although I pipped him on the best speaker score). Still on the topic of Launch if you were one of the thousand + people that attended my…


Foldershare – this is cool

I’ve been using Foldershare for a few days just to sync a few files between work and home and my initial impression is that it’s really cool! I set up a single directory on my computers to sync, put some files into them and watched as they were syncronized in the background (and its fast). …