I upgraded my laptop’s hard drive from STAT to SSD this past weekend, now I have raised my minimum requirement for a laptop that it must has a SSD.  Swapping the hard drive was easy, however to clone the information from the old SATA to SSD was not so straight forward since I had BitLocker…


The CRM Book: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 New Features

Packt Publishing released the book Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 New Features.  This book covers CRM 2011’s new features by walking a person through building an Airline Compensation Management System in CRM.  Jim Wang and I spent many hours on the book past year and now it’s available on  I hope you can learn something…


Lesson Learned: Import Failed and Publish Failed

Our team encounter issues with import and publish because we have a single 6MB unmanaged solution.  A 6MB CRM solution is considering a very big solution.  Depends on the hardware, it took us more than an hour to import and then another hour to publish (Apparently we didn’t have hardware that are beefy enough for…


New CRM SDK and White Paper Released!

The CRM SDK team released version 5.0.7 of the SDK and this version includes a lot of new things that incides with UR 5 and the CRM Online November Service Release.  You may download the new SDK from MSDN library and also on MSDN download. Also the CRM Engineering for Enterprise Team and the CRM…


CRM 2011 SDK 5.0.6

The product team has updated the CRM 2011 SDK to version 5.0.6.  Based on the release note, the following has been updated.  To get the latest SDK, you may download in MSDN Downloads or view it at MSDN Library. Release New and updated topics Description of changes Version 5.0.6, August 2011 Microsoft_Dynamics_CRM_2011_SDK_Readme.htm Updated the readme…


Update Rollup 3 for CRM 2011 is available now!

Rollup #3 has been released and it fixes dozens of bugs in CRM 2011.  You may download UR3 at  Here are some of the things UR3 fixed: You import a solution that contains a plug-in that has empty methods. You publish the customizations. When the plug-in is triggered in this situation, you receive the…


CRM 2011–Cannot publish customizations after import

Problem: If you ever run into a situation that you imported your solution successfully and not able to publish it, the reason is because either the size of the solution might be too large or the SQL is not fast enough.  We ran into this problem earlier this week.  We have a slow SQL server…


Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology R2 has been released on April 22, 2011.  Besides all of the new contents added, I want to point out that the Sure Step methodology has been translated into 9 other languages.  It has English Chinese (Simplified) Danish French German Japanese Portuguese Russian Spanish Turkish


Installing Windows 7 64-Bit on Mac Mini

I am going to blog something not related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM here today.  I spent more than half a day on this so I just want to write down what I did just incase that I have to do it again in the future.  If you are trying to do the same thing that…


Minimum Permissions Required for Dynamics CRM 2011 Setup, Services, and Components

I have been asked to figure out the minimum permissions required to install CRM 2011.  I dig around and I didn’t realize the product group already put the information in the Implementation Guide (IG).  I found the article below from the CRM 2011 IG, just in case you are looking for it, here you go….