CRM 2011 RC Released Today

CRM 2011 just released today and you may download it on the Download Center.   There will be no in place upgrade from beta to RC at this moment.  You have two options at this moment. Option 1: Backup your database, create a new RC environment, then import/upgrade the beta org into RC. Option 2: Uninstall…


CRM 2011 Style Templates

I am currently working on a CRM 2011 project and I need to extend CRM to integrate with other systems.  The programming paradigm has shifted from server side programming to client side programming in CRM 2011.  In order to have a seamless integration between the two applications, I reverse engineered the current CRM 2011 CRM…


Dynamics CRM 2011 深度开发培训

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 即将在明年初发布,相关的一系列培训也已经开始提供给广大的合作伙伴。我会回国探亲,将在北京12月13 和 14 日做一个 CRM2011 的深度培训。 这个培训我将给大家来介绍 CRM 2011 一些新的功能,重点是让开发人员认识 CRM 2011 的 API 来做进一步的开发。 我还邀请了 CRM MVP Jim Wang 来给大家介绍 CRM SharePoint 的功能。另外我还想使用自次的机会, 来跟大家分享一下在美国和英国做项目的经验。  如果你想参加这个培训, 请跟中国微软CRM TS 联系。


New CRM 2011 Beta SDK Released

Wow! The product group is working hard to get CRM 2011 to market.  Here’s an update to the CRM 2011 Beta SDK.  The first beta SDK already contained a lot of useful information on the different end points, modifying the ribbons, etc…  This new SDK contains lots of new sample code, new content and some…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta updates via Windows Update

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta updates now available through Microsoft Windows Update. Wow!  You may already read it from the CRM team blog, the CRM SE team is currently testing this feature, so future critical fixes are going to be deliver in this method.  You have the choice to opt-in and opt-out for the automatic…


Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta Released

Today, the Microsoft CRM product team has released Microsoft CRM 2011 Beta.  It’s available for download from the Microsoft Download site.  The beta is available in eight languages (English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese). If you would like to sign up for CRM 2011 Online Beta, you may visit If you…


Retrieve Plug-in/Custom Workflow Activity DLL from Database

I ran into an issue today that the client can’t find the plug-in project that some independent consultants built a year ago.  Since they can’t get in touch with the consultants who wrote the plug-in, they have two options to get retrieve the code.  One option was rewrite the plug-in from scratch and the other…


Dynamics CRM Development Standards

Currently I am working on a project in California, the client has asked me to help them to put together a CRM Development Standards for the development team.  I was surprised by the request because big companies with a development team usually have the standards defined and we just need to add the Dynamics CRM…


Language Orientation

Most languages are reading from left to right.  However some languages like Arabic, Thai are from right to left.  Today, my client asked me on how are the CRM screens look like for Arabic.  So I installed the Arabic language pack for CRM to find out.  The navigations and the labels switch from left to…


CRM 4.0 Language Packs

Today, I was asked to gather a list of the available language packs for CRM 4.0.  I went through all of the CRM documents that I had and also I did a search online, I can’t find a list of the available language packs.  So here the list of the available language packs just in…