Trying Something New!

Haven’t blog for a while since I was quite busy with customers as well as the transition to my new role… Now I am finally settle down and I should start writing again! After another 2 years in Milwaukee, I am passing the largest Siebel replacement project to my colleagues/friends to complete.  The project has…


CRM Lookup error with Google Chrome 38–Fixed

I haven’t get a chance to blog for a while and I need to pick it backup… Some of you may seen a lookup error with Chrome when Google released version 38.0.2125.101, as indicated on this blog article. Everyone is expecting Microsoft to solve this Google issue. But I think Google realized that many other…


CRM 2013 Reporting and SQL 2012 AlwaysOn

Just want to resurface a blog by a colleague from UK on CRM Reporting and SQL 2012 AlwaysOn since I am implementing it with my customer. Adding it to my blog just in case I need to do it again in the future.


CRM 2013 Maintenance Jobs

The Maintenance jobs for CRM 2013 is similar to the CRM 2011 jobs if they are not the same. I had to dig into the details of each of the jobs for my project. These are my findings and I hope it will be useful for everyone. Please remember to reschedule these maintenance jobs after…


Dynamics CRM Outlook Client and Office

Customer ask me a question today on the CRM Outlook client.  The question is if my Windows is 64 bit, my Office is 32 bit, what version of the CRM Outlook Client should I install? The answer is the Outlook Client should align with Office. Therefore if Office is 32 bit, install the 32 bit…


Learned something new on IIS Compression

Dynamics CRM is a web app, therefore it leverages IIS. Usually IIS compression is enabled by default since we would like to reduce bandwidth usage and also reduce the page load times. The .aspx files sent by the server to the browser is highly compressed by algorithms such as gzip. IIS 7+ offers the ability…


Manually Apply CRM Update Rollup to Single Tenant

In an enterprise CRM project, you might run into a large number of tenants in an environment since there are multiple teams working on the project. Not all of the teams want to have the patch apply to their tenant due to many reasons… My customer asked me if there’s a way for them to…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Best Practice Analyzer

Microsoft releases Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Best Practices Analyzer today. This is a diagnostic tool that gathers information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 server roles and offers recommendations. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Best Practices Analyzer is a diagnostic tool that performs the following functions: Gathers information about the CRM 2013 server roles that are…


Determine the # of Outlook Client Users

I got another interesting question from my customer today.  How many users configured the CRM Outlook client?  Thanks to my PFE friend, KG, he provided us the SQL query to get that information.  To get the # of subscription clients in CRM, you may execute the query against the [ORGNAME]_MSCRM database below. select distinct MachineName…