EIF vs Enterprise Library

Following on from my previous posting on Logging and Instrumentation and to address some confusion recently amongst customers, how does the new Enterprise Library relate to the Enterprise Instrumentation Framework? The Enterprise Library is the latest offering from PAG, it brings together all the Application Blocks (Caching, Data, etc.) and ensures they work well together…


Web Services: Concurrent Connections

The issue of concurrent outbound Web Service calls being throttled to two per endpoint comes up again and again with unmanaged and managed code – and it embarrassingly bit me last week in a BizTalk Performance and Scaling exercise despite me harking on about it all the time with standard .NET development L The HTTP…


Visual Studio 2005 Team System Walkthroughs

Some walkthroughs and sample projects for TS are available here – Looks like they should have been in the build recently released. They cover: Unit Testing, Web Testing, Load Testing, Profiling and Code Analysis!  


PAG Logging Application Block based on EIF

A new PAG Application Block is about to be released, which is built on and extends the Enterprise Instrumentation Framework (EIF) It will provide some new EIF event sinks for MSMQ, SQL, etc. and even deliver support for Request Tracing across Web Service calls ( Previously only available for Remoting) And of course I wrote…


ASP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant

I’ve had a play with this ASP to ASP.NET migration assistant and it does exactly what it says on the tin and seems to do a fairly good job on the pages I’ve run through it.  It looks, feels and outputs like the VB to VB.NET migration stuff. You can find out more and download…


Encrypting Credentials in your XML config files

I came across this a while back, but lots of people aren’t aware of it. If you want to specify processmodel, impersonation or SessionStateDB credentials you (until now) had to put them in the config file as clear text, which isn’t a great thing. You can restrict the ACLS on the config file to just…


System.Web.Mail and Authentication

A question came up recently on how to send email from .NET, System.Web.Mail offers a nice MailMessage and SmtpMail class that does the trick. The classes are a wrapper over the CDOSYS functionality that’s been around for a bit, and are much nicer than the rather clunky CDOSYS interface 🙂 It’s really straight forward to…


PDC Bloggers

Check out http://www.pdcbloggers.com,  Should be an interesting resource for those not going to the PDC, and for those sessions you don’t make!


Getting the paths for “Special Folders”

I’ve been cutting some code today (for once!) and I needed to find out the location of the users “My Documents” folder.  A bit of a dig and I stumbed across System.Envrionment.SpecialFolder.Personal, I’d never come across this before (probably because I wasn’t looking for it), but it’s great to see that you can get all of…


Call Dispose on your ServicedComponent’s (please)

My last blog entry pointed at a Enterprise Services FAQ which mentions that you should call .Dispose on your ServicedComponent proxies. Now this “recommendation” isn’t documented very well, hence most people don’t do it and you won’t hit problems most of the time, however I did come across the following side-affect if you don’t call…