Windows Workflow Architect Dave Green has a blog!

Dave Green is the architect of Windows Workflow Foundation and has just started blogging now that we have announced Windows Workflow Foundation, check out his blog here I had the pleasure of working with Dave Green in his pre-Microsoft days, he’s got deep experience withWorkflow and a great vision and he’s done a great job with…

MSN Deskbar Rocks!

In case you haven’t spotted it, Microsoft released a Beta version of MSN Deskbar this week.  It’s much more than just a “Search Engine” textbox on your toolbar; it indexes your mail and Hard Drive (in a similar fashion to LookOut) and provides lightning fast searching.  It even indexes your source code J I have…


Domain Specific Language Tool Support

As I mentioned yesterday, our tools support for Domain Specific Languages (DSL) has now been unveiled, the first step to enabling the Software Factories vision You too can leverage the design surface technology in Visual Studio 2005 – you can see great examples of this today in the Beta with the Class Designer, Whitehorse designers…


We’re Hiring

Shameless plug J My team is hiring, if your interested check the links below: Current Open Vacancy If the above is closed then you apply from here:”Application Dev Consultant” under the “Technical” category  


Traveling and Software Factories

I know – there’s been a distinct lack of blogging recently, my excuses are that I’ve been in Seattle twice in the last month or so and have been catching up with all my customer work as a result. For the first time in ages I’ve managed to get out from under BizTalk and spend…


 Mike pointed me at the Daily WTF site, and this really made me laugh – and there are many posts just like it.   Fascinating reading!


New Bluetooth Mouse

I recently splashed out on a new Microsoft Bluetooth mouse, very nice and I (foolishly) just expected it to plug in and work.. I’m running XP SP2 as you’d expect which has got built-in support for Bluetooth and for my other Bluetooth devices seems to work just fine.  The Bluetooth stack detected the mouse but…


Visual Studio 2005 Team System Walkthroughs

Some walkthroughs and sample projects for TS are available here – Looks like they should have been in the build recently released. They cover: Unit Testing, Web Testing, Load Testing, Profiling and Code Analysis!  

Off to the PDC

Looking forward to the PDC already, lots of interesting stuff will be unveiled for the first time – Longhorn, Yukon, Web Services Roadmap, etc.  Even more new stuff to learn 🙂 Tracks and Agendas available here:

Microsoft Virtual PC and Virtual Server

Information on Microsoft’s “Virtual Machine” technology seems to be appearing now, we’ve got some builds internally and they look really good. The ability to base a new VM on another and only store the changes is really good, saves loads of disk space!  You can also drag/drop and use the clipboard between VMs which is…