How everyone should test their BizTalk based solutions presentation links

Thanks to everyone who came to my presentation today, I was humbled by the huge turnout!  The presentation deck will be broadly shared to attendees which contains hyperlinks to all the tools showcased but in the meantime the links are below if you want to get started right away.    I’ll look to share the entire…


Microsoft SOA & BPM Conference

I’ve just arrived in Seattle for the Microsoft SOA & BPM conference that kicks off on Tuesday 30th October in Seattle, I’m presenting a best-practice session on Wednesday afternoon titled “How everyone should test their BizTalk Server based solutions”, it’s a great deck with some compelling demos that went down very well at a internal…


Orchestration Profiler for BizTalk Server 2006 and BizTalk Documenter

Hi, I’ve recently taken ownership of the source for the BizTalk Orchestration Profiler and BizTalk Documenter tools that Jason Birth originally developed, the documenter has worked fine with BizTalk Server 2006 but the Profiler was broken in a number of places.   I have just finished a new build of the Profiler which now works with…



Long overdue but I’ve finally got around to finishing up the latest release (1.1) of the GenerateTypedBamApi tool.  You can find the new version here, if your not familar with the tool read on!   The GenerateTypedBamApi command line tool enables you to take a BAM Observation model represented as a Excel Spreadsheet and generate…


TechEd 2007: Sessions and Book Signing

  I arrived in Orlando yesterday after a long old flight from London and should make the Party with Palermo tonight which looks like it’ll be fun but as I’m presenting tomorrow it’ll be a quiet night! My two sessions are shown below, the second session being a very informal chalk/talk style session without any…


Professional BizTalk Server 2006: UK has stock!

After what seems like a huge delay the usual UK retailers such as Amazon and Computer Manuals now have stock of the book!   From what I’ve heard pre-orders have already started to drop through letter-boxes. Enjoy, and please remember to put a review on Amazon if you get the chance!  For those of you going…


Professional BizTalk Server 2006: In Stock (In the US)

Another quick update, it seems that stores in the US now have stock and are shipping.  Both and BarnesAndNoble are reporting stock!   The UK should follow very shortly, 7 days seemed to be the difference with the Team System book


BAM Best Practice: Starter for 10..

I knocked out a brain-dump of some BAM best practices this morning for a colleague, it seems like a good thing to share more broadly.  It’s a starter for 10 and I’ll refine it over time I’m sure, the book covers all of these things in far more detail as you’d expect 🙂  • Avoid continuation where…


Presenting at TechEd

  I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be presenting two sessions at TechEd which is being held at Orlando between Monday 4th June and Friday 8th June!  The first is a breakout session which covers BAM and demonstrates some real-world examples of how we’ve put BAM to great use and how it has a place…

Professional BizTalk Server 2006: Shipping!

I’ve just had an update from Wiley and the book arrived into their warehouse last Friday (20th April) and it started physically shipping to stores yesterday (Monday 23rd April) so if you’ve pre-ordered expect it to arrive real soon!  I hope you enjoy it! Woo Hoo!!