Adapters chapter is shipped!

I've finally shipped the Adapters chapter of Professional BizTalk Server 2006, which makes 3 chapters done and plenty more to go 🙁

The chapter specifically doesn't cover writing Custom Adapters or the underlying Adapter architecture as I've taken the call that BizTalk Unleashed contains the "bible" of Adapter Development written by Kevin Smith (who I like to think as the godfather of that area 🙂

I discuss the myriad of Receive and Send Port magic and drill into each Adapter providing background on when you should and shouldn't use them (MSMQ vs MSMQT for example), the context properties promoted and provide a walkthrough on developing and configuring the FILE, WSS and SOAP Adapters and with the SOAP adapter I explain how to effectively create the message required to send to a SOAP adapter with a complex-type (i.e. class).

Plus with our announcments around BizTalk Server 2006 R2 it looks like I'll be modifying the book in a number of areas to make it cover R2 (especially with regard to WCF) and will ensure it's bang up to date when it hits the shops early next year.

I've had to replan the chapter ship schedule as I'm a bit behind 🙂 but I'm still on-target to meet the original end date and I've got the BizTalk Architecture chapter to ship before I go on holiday early July!

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  1. tomasr says:

    Humm… not quite sure I’d called BizTalk Unleashed the bible on anything. It is certainly a very comprehensive book, but overall the coverage of topics is fairly shallow (and custom adapters is a fairly complex topic on it’s own right).

    A pity no one else is willing to cover adapter development in any real depth (except for a few whitepapers here and there), though I can certainly understand it now since MS seems to be willing to drop that model yet again *groan*.

  2. I agree, it’s a pretty scary area of extensibility and isn’t often used by customers, I’ve had a think and as part of my R2 focus I will go back to the Adapters chapter and add a sample based on the new WCF Framework for Adapters that R2 will introduce – this will make life a lot easier when developing and will be the way foward.

    The adapter architecture as-is does still remain with R2, we’re just adding a WCF framework to make it easier to write – which is a good thing IMO.

    I was just refering to the Adapters chapter in BizTalk Unleashed as “the bible” for Adapters – I wouldn’t class the rest of the book in that way, but hopefully mine 😉

  3. kareemshaker says:

    I am looking forward to find a nitty-gritty chapter that clarifies each and everything about BTS Adapter Framework, and somtimes I wonder why don’t we get an entire book about the Adapter Framework, that would make life easier, and it will be much more better instead of composing a lengthy book that explains areas everyone provided before, like mapping, schemas, messaging, etc..

    I wish someone would respond, or some community gurus can participate in such a good project and release this material out!

  4. I absoultely agree, Adapter development is fortunately (depending on your point of view) something that isn’t required that often hence the lack of broad-appeal for such a resource, and it would probably need to come from the product team as well to get true insight.

    However, the WCF adapter framework will be the "new way" of writing adapters, and will also benefit from being used from WCF along with being a lot easier to use.

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