SOAP Adapter Error Messages


Again in the scalability lab recently we were seeing a number of errors being raised by the SOAP adapter – some of them were down to the remote Web Service cowering in the corner when the might of BizTalk hit it all at once J

We were seeing a mixture of Timeout errors and the following being logged by the SOAP Adapter to the Event Viewer:

The “SOAP” adapter is suspending an outbound message going to destination URL: “http://YourServer/WS.asmx”. Details: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

To cut a long story short, we managed to eradicate a number of these by ensuring the remote Web Service had a method level try/catch block to ensure any unhandled exceptions didn’t get propagated back but we drew a blank on the remainder of them.  Cross referencing the errors with the IIS log revealed that the calls didn’t appear to be making it to the remote server.

This doesn’t necessarily apply in all cases but the connection limit as detailed in this posting seemed to be the issue, we raised the number from 2 and they all went away – it’s not a particularly helpful error message (and could occur due to other reasons of course) but I thought it would be worth posting for future reference.   I'm guessing that the Threads are waiting to dispatch the SOAP call on the wire but get's stuck in a queue waiting (due to the concurrent connection limit), it then times out/gives up hence the error.

As ever, if your calling Web Services ensure you’ve got the SOAP Adapter in a separate host to the Orchestrations, otherwise you’ll get thread pool starvation problems.



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  1. e4s3 says:

    I have different problem with the soap adapter and it still happen…:((.
    <br>The problem is the web service did in the receive location didn’t throw any error when the biztalk service is down (btssvc.exe), because of that the whole message that being post is lost..:((.
    <br>To make it worst after the biztalk service run again the biztalk don’t proccess that message at all…:((.
    <br>Do you have any idea to ease this pain ?..:(

  2. ViralM says:

    Hi All,

    Can you help me on this error?

    SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP="; SOAP:encodingStyle=""><SOAP:Body><SOAP:Fault><faultcode>Microsoft BizTalk Server Negative Acknowledgment </faultcode><faultstring>An error occurred while processing the message, refer to the details section for more information </faultstring><faultactor>/DB_WebService/DB_Case_WsToRemedy.asmx</faultactor><detail><ns0:NACK Type="NACK" xmlns:ns0=""><NAckID&gt;{7D5DA147-F360-4B44-B0FB-6EE78C96E7BB}</NAckID><ErrorCode>0xc0c01675</ErrorCode><ErrorCategory>0</ErrorCategory><ErrorDescription>A request-response for the "SOAP" adapter at receive location "/DB_WebService/DB_Case_WsToRemedy.asmx" has timed out before a response could be delivered. </ErrorDescription></ns0:NACK></detail></SOAP:Fault></SOAP:Body></SOAP:Envelope>

    As per to see ErrorDescription the error is :

    A request-response for the "SOAP" adapter at receive location "/DB_WebService/DB_Case_WsToRemedy.asmx" has timed out before a response could be delivered.

    Please reply me ASAP…

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