I’m on Amazon!

At long last the book that I’ve written a chapter for is listed on Amazon!  The updated cover photo hasn’t been uploaded yet so you don’t have to look at my ugly mug quite yet! The book is looking really good and is the best Team System resource I’ve seen yet so get that pre-order…


So Long Steve!

Steve White is off to Redmond to work on Sparkle, Good Luck Steve, The Team, Snakes & Ducks (of the TVP Lake) and the sign will miss you 😉   Remember mines a pint of Mack and Jacks when I’m next over 😉 


Dub Eff

An update – the official acronym is “Dub Eff” if you need to shorten it of course, othewise it’s Windows Workflow Foundation! —- Don seems to have coined the “Dub Dub Eff” pronounciation of WWF (Windows Workflow Foundation), it was well needed as people give you strange looks when you pronounce it (DoubleU, DoubleU, Eff)…


Windows Workflow Architect Dave Green has a blog!

Dave Green is the architect of Windows Workflow Foundation and has just started blogging now that we have announced Windows Workflow Foundation, check out his blog here I had the pleasure of working with Dave Green in his pre-Microsoft days, he’s got deep experience withWorkflow and a great vision and he’s done a great job with…


Windows Workflow Foundation – Where does BizTalk fit in?

The last paragraph of my Windows Workflow Foundation posting was me being deliberately “devils advocate” to try and get you to think about the possibility of Windows Workflow Foundation being used in everything from Windows Forms Applications to ASP.NET Applications, and I didn’t really position how WWF and BizTalk should be used moving forwards so…


Windows Workflow Foundation

It’s been a long time coming!  We announced Windows Workflow Foundation at the PDC today which means we can finally talk about it! J   For those of you familiar with BizTalk Server 2004, Windows Workflow Foundation is analogous to the Orchestration Designer and Orchestration Runtime (XLANG) in BizTalk.  It allows you express your “workflow”…


Extending Visual Studio Team System

 I had to spend some time figuring out some of the Team System extensibility points recently for a presentation to some customers; it’s something I’ve been meaning to play with a while.  You will need to download the Team Suite Extensibility kit which includes some basic documentation and a few samples, it’s not great but…


BizTalk Server 2006 Beta 1: Download!

 We have just posted Beta 1 of BizTalk Server 2006, visit here and register to gain access to the Beta 1 Build, it’s open to all!   BizTalk Server 2006 (codename Pathfinder) is a great leap forward especially with regard to the Setup and Administration tools that have been completely reworked and address a huge…



So, I was in a shop with my 3 year old daughter the other day and there was a picture of a Dalek on the wall advertising something.   Now having grown up with Doctor Who and being absolutely petrified of them as a child (along with everyone I talk to) I naturally expected my daughter to…


Blogging, and writing a book chapter

Blogging always seems to take a backseat when things get busy, but worry not I’ve got a pile of postings that I’ll try and get through over the next week or so. The key reason why I’ve been quiet on the blogging front is that when I was in Seattle a few months back I…