Domain Specific Language Tool Support

As I mentioned yesterday, our tools support for Domain Specific Languages (DSL) has now been unveiled, the first step to enabling the Software Factories vision You too can leverage the design surface technology in Visual Studio 2005 – you can see great examples of this today in the Beta with the Class Designer, Whitehorse designers…


Virtual PC 2004 SP1

I’m a bit slow posting this but Virtual PC 2004 SP1 has been released; this fixes the highly irritating “sticky” CTRL key problem detailed in an older post and fixes numerous other problems including the bizarre Notepad file truncation bug when you use Shared Folders, it also includes some performance and compression stuff. SP1 also…


We’re Hiring

Shameless plug J My team is hiring, if your interested check the links below: Current Open Vacancy If the above is closed then you apply from here:”Application Dev Consultant” under the “Technical” category  


Traveling and Software Factories

I know – there’s been a distinct lack of blogging recently, my excuses are that I’ve been in Seattle twice in the last month or so and have been catching up with all my customer work as a result. For the first time in ages I’ve managed to get out from under BizTalk and spend…


Bloggers Guide To BizTalk

Alan Smith has taken the initiative and produced this fanstatic Bloggers Guide to BizTalk.  He’s collected together some of the best BizTalk posts from the various blogs and wrapped them up in a CHM file and will be updating it monthly. I’ve written a load of HOWTO guides internally – will look to get these incorporated…