Mike pointed me at the Daily WTF site, and this really made me laugh – and there are many posts just like it.   Fascinating reading!

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  1. Ayjay says:

    Thanks man, I can’t read this at work, it makes me laugh too much!

    I had a great WTF on a BizTalk project.

    On a large integration project, the BizTalk 2004 development was being outsourced to India. I was on the design team, and we spent about six weeks writing very detailed design documentation about how the hub should be implemented. We dscribed all the messages, and provided Visio diagrams of all the orchestrations, then sent the documents to the build team in India.

    Next day we got an email back, (I can’t remember the exact wording) saying:

    "We will have no problems implementing this design ….. Just one question. How should we implement the orchestration shapes in Visual Basic?"


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