BizTalk 2004 Pipelines

Mike has got a great blog about the differences between the PassThru and XML pipeline in BizTalk 2004, worth a read

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  1. VeejAY says:


    I’m working on biztalk 2004 trying to configure Send & Receive pipelines for Reliable Messaging but am unable to do so.

    Could some one guide me as to how to configure Reliable Messaging headers in Send Pipeline. i’m consuming a web service (an exposed orchestration) & am trying to establish Reliable Messaging between the two, could some one guide me as to how to set the R.M properties & what to set in the document & envelope schema property.

    Any suggestions on the above are welcome.

    Thanx in advance.



  2. Mahavir Jain says:

    Darren & Mike very nice written article and link, It helped me finish my paper 🙂

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