The PDC notes I wish I’d taken

Tim Sneath (also from Microsoft UK) has posted a flurry of blog entries covering each session he went to at the PDC in great detail, it makes for great reading especially if it’s a session you didn’t make it to. If only I’d made such detailed notes!


Didn’t make it to the PDC?

You can order the Conference DVD that contains the videos of all the sessions and presentations from here, I’m looking forward to this coming out already so I can catch the sessions that clashed or were full And if your a MSDN Universal Subscriber you can order the Longhorn and Whidbey DVDs for free by calling MSDN…


Longhorn Community Resources

Since the PDC lots of community newsgroups and discussions have opened up to discuss the Longhorn Technologies. Microsoft have opened up a number of newsgroups which will have the product team guys on Developmentor have opened up a Longhorn discussion list Chris Anderson’s blog is starting to detail Avalon Internals which looks great so far The…


Great Indigo Introduction Article