Remoting and EnterpriseServices: Indigo, Don Box

I was in the first Indigo session by Don Box on Monday, as ever a superb talk but
I struggle to understand (or agree) with some of his guidance towards the end, that
said it's probably because I'm not aware of a key point.

Don was getting across how you should prepare for Indigo today, to the best of my
knowledge Indigo will have some form of migration path for EnterpriseServices (ES),
Remoting and ASMX which is being coverd in a presentation later today.

There are a number of guidance points detailing techniques not to do in these components
such as Interface Marshalling, making use of the Remoting extensibility (Channels,

Don made a point about when to use the technologies today, in the CLR->CLR (Same
Network) where your marshalling large(ish) data then TCP/Binary Remoting for me is
the best way to go based on my experience to date, however Don said that you shouldn't
use Remoting but ES instread, and to only use Remoting for cross App Domain requests.

ASMX/WSE is great but if you need sheer CLR->CLR performance, Remoting (in my eyes
is the way to go) - Here's some background

I hate ES, Espcially with regard to configuration.  I'll need to catch Don to
talk through this as there must be something I've missed.

And as ever use ES if you have to use Transactions, Object Pooling, etc.  Until
Indigo that is!! WOO HOO!

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