Doug Purdy: XmlSerializer

GGGGrrr, I was looking forward to this session big time, but the room was full 5 minutes befehand so I couldn’t make it in.  Here’s to hoping they’ll repeat it, oterhwise it’s a 6 week wait for the conference DVD


Remoting and EnterpriseServices: Indigo, Don Box

I was in the first Indigo session by Don Box on Monday, as ever a superb talk but I struggle to understand (or agree) with some of his guidance towards the end, that said it’s probably because I’m not aware of a key point. Don was getting across how you should prepare for Indigo today,…


PDC PreCon – Web Services

[ BlogX has been playing up and this is the second time I’ve written this 🙁 ] I went along to Don, Gudge and Tims session on Sunday,  I done a lot of work in the XML and Web Services space expecting to pick up a few nuggets of information. Sure enough the speak was…


PAG Logging Application Block based on EIF

A new PAG Application Block is about to be released, which is built on and extends the Enterprise Instrumentation Framework (EIF) It will provide some new EIF event sinks for MSMQ, SQL, etc. and even deliver support for Request Tracing across Web Service calls ( Previously only available for Remoting) And of course I wrote…


ASP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant

I’ve had a play with this ASP to ASP.NET migration assistant and it does exactly what it says on the tin and seems to do a fairly good job on the pages I’ve run through it.  It looks, feels and outputs like the VB to VB.NET migration stuff. You can find out more and download…


Unicode and Character Sets

Fascinating, and very well written.  Well worth a read :-) The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)


Encrypting Credentials in your XML config files

I came across this a while back, but lots of people aren’t aware of it. If you want to specify processmodel, impersonation or SessionStateDB credentials you (until now) had to put them in the config file as clear text, which isn’t a great thing. You can restrict the ACLS on the config file to just…


PDC Fever

In the last few weeks the lid has opened slightly internally on all things Longhorn, Indigo, Whidbey, etc. Avalon is amazing, I can’t wait to see what the demos and sessions are like and hopefully they’ll really show what it can do, and the best thing is that everyone gets to take the bits home 🙂…


PDC Sessions

The PDC site doesn’t have a great search tool for looking at the sessions, and if you want to print out all the sessions to plan what to attend you’ll have to print ~21 individual pages which is awkward. But the nice guys organising the PDC have offered a RSS feed, so internally I’ve knocked…